Metrocom Canada

Professional Commercial Call Centre

Our call centre provides a personalized answering service when you’re unable to take your customers’ calls.

Be it for a 24/7 customer information service or for scheduling appointments, our professional operators will give your company the full support it needs to grow.

  • Call answering after normal business hours
  • 24/7 service
  • Highest industry standards

Expecting a short-term high call volume? Put our team of professionals to work! We’re here to meet your occasional needs.

Elevator Calls

Round-the-clock emergency elevator call service in the event of failure or breakdown.

Customer Service

Customer service call management solution tailored to your needs.

Public Works Calls

Take calls from residents reporting needed public works.

Self-employed Workers and Professionals

24/7 telephone service, ideal for self-employed workers.

Employee Absenteeism Reporting

Plan work optimally with 24/7 absenteeism reporting.

Property Management

Take and process building maintenance calls.


Rely on a team that’s available 24/7 for your emergency plans.


Process your employees’ ethics calls anonymously.

Lone Workers

Maintain constant contact with lone workers.

Call Answering

Offer your customers a 24/7 telephone line.

Emergency Call Centre

Metrocom’s centralized emergency call centre (member of Groupe CLR) in operation since 2002, is Quebec’s largest private 911 call centre. Serving more than 360,000 residents in two major cities and seven regional counties/municipalities, our staff efficiently dispatch 911 calls and provide secondary dispatching to fire departments in the same localities.