Metrocom Canada

Communication System Design

Metrocom is an invaluable partner when it comes to designing a new system or improving an existing one. Our expertise, the result of many years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of communication technologies ensure your projects will meet your requirements to a “T” (perfectly).

For all your projects, whether big or small, count on Metrocom to help you select the best technologies that will get you where you want to be.

Metrocom, the experts you need!

Auditing Systems

Does your tele-communication system have trouble keeping up with your ever-growing company? Let Metrocom analyse your communication facilities. Our professionals will conduct a thorough analysis in order to implement the needed changes and make your system more efficient.

Communication System Performance Measurement

Metrocom can monitor your telecommunication systems and conduct a precise and detailed analysis of their performance.

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Timely alerts

Whatever the scale of your project, Groupe CLR has the capacity to complete the development of systems of all sizes.

Groupe CLR, the real specialists !