Metrocom Canada

Track All your Rolling Stock

Metrocom provides the FOCUS fleet management service that manages fuel consumption and tracks your vehicles so you can control your spending.

A North American leader, FOCUS is the only software of its kind that fully integrates vehicle maintenance planning, fleet tracking and fuel management.

FOCUS Fleet Management Offers You More!

  • Real-time GPS tracking system
  • Vehicle telemetry
  • Fixed and mobile fuel tank management
  • Vehicle maintenance log
  • Enhanced driving behaviours
  • Real-time alerts and reports
  • Employee identification
  • Measure personal and professional mileage
  • Speed alerts
  • Route panning, including no-truck zones
  • Weather conditions
  • Delivery Management
  • Real-time trailer tracking
  • Track equipment with periodic positioning (e.: containers)
  • And much more!

With a host of custom-designed functionalities for efficient fleet management, FOCUS will minimize lost time and improve your bottom line. Monitor your vehicles and fuel consumption and maximize every employee hour!


See the full list of functionalities that FOCUS offers


Stay FOCUS’ed on the essentials!