Metrocom Canada

Telemetry and Broadband Communications

Remotely measure, monitor and control your systems’ critical data. Telemetry allows you to monitor one or several variables from control points.

Keep an Eye on Your World

Telemetry allows you to:

  • Measure temperatures
  • Track specialized vehicles
  • Measure the speed and performance of pumps or other mechanical/electrical systems
  • Monitor all your data

Data, when and where you need it

Telemetry allows your critical data to follow you wherever you go. All control points and alarms can be redirected to:

  • A cellular telephone or short messaging device
  • A handheld or mobile radio
  • A control console
  • Any other device using radio/wireless connectivity or an IP connection

Stay in control!

Telemetry for the Mining Industry


Metrocom, in partnership with PBE Mining Solutions, offers a mining industry-specific product for managing underground communications, remote monitoring, security and mining facility control around the world.

  • Proximity Alert System (PAS) for mining vehicles
  • Voice and data communications through leaky feeder cabling
  • Pump and ventilation control & monitoring
  • Gas detection system
  • Vehicle, personnel and equipment tracking

Tailored to the mining industry!